LeanPlus believes Technical “know – how” alone is not enough. I’ve been involved with many projects over the years, primarily focussed on QCD (Quality Cost Delivery). As I look back and try to figure why some projects were more successful than others, I note a high correlation of success for those projects where the Project Leader approached the tasks not only from a solid technological viewpoint but also from an employee needs basis. i.e. Those projects that were successful, heavily involved the people most impacted by the project. Conversely for sure, all else being equal, the component not sufficiently accounted for in less successful projects, was that of PEOPLE.

Invariably with any new initiative the changed outcome or new lean way of operation can challenge territorial issues, differing expectations, comfort zones, and of course fear of the unknown. How new initiatives play out is of great importance to the employee as it plays on the primeval premise that change = loss. So unless you work to identify and talk through that fear, the individual or collective are not going to buy into the change.

Woodrow Wilson once said, “If you want to make enemies try and change something”. He wasn’t wrong, change needs to be addressed properly with the people it directly impacts. So as well as providing the technical project plan, LeanPlus also works with your company to develop an action plan around the people and how they are impacted – with a blend of both the hard and soft tools LeanPlus will improve greatly your chance of implementing sustained change/improvement.

People need to see their leaders are willing and able to work in the trenches with them.

Martin Burke of LeanPlus goes to the “gemba” where the real action occurs. The willingness of LeanPlus to get those hands dirty at the coalface is the only true way to really find out what is happening in your process.

LeanPlus not only has the technical know-how but also has the experience to bring the people through the new Lean way of operating.

"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand"