What is Lean Sigma ?

The term 'Lean' is much heralded but often misunderstood. Let me demystify it for you. Its origins are from Toyota’s Production System (TPS) spearheaded by engineers Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo in the early ‘80s. At the core of the TPS was Toyota’s relentless drive to ; a) reduce waste and b) improve quality in their supply chain and manufacturing sites. ‘Lean’ simply focusses your team on the elimination of waste so that every step in the process adds value in the eyes of the customer...

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Our People Approach

Through many years of accumulated Lean expertise, garnered from such blue chip exponents like Motorola and Philips, Martin Burke (Lean Sigma Black Belt) delivers improvements by specifically working with and through your people, leading and showing them how to use the improvement tools.

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Helping your People find a better, more efficient ‘Lean’ way of working.

We offer a range of Services: 

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